About Web de Oro

“Building the web, one site at a time.”

Not really a unique motto, but that’s what I do with this company. Basically, I buy a domain name and put up a website.

I consider this company, small time. Web de Oro as of now is a one man team, but has gigantic dreams.

I first bought a domain in 2002, made it his personal site, and after that his addiction in collecting domain names grew.

Currently, I have about over 30 domains, probably bought a total of over a hundred in a span of 10 years. But only about 15 domains has a website.

Building a website for each domain I acquire is now my passion.

Why Web de Oro?
The name was inspired from a progressive business owned by Henry Sy and a wealthy city in Mindanao, Banco De Oro (BDO) and Cagayan de Oro respectively.

This company is registered in DTI as Web de Oro Online Estate Services.

Who’s behind Web de Oro?
My name is Jeffrey Wong, an Iliganon who went to Cebu City to study Architecture in University of San Carlos. Yes, I am a licensed architect, but my passion is in the internet. Instead of building literal houses, I now preferably build websites.

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